Jan Raasch, web developer building software for product value πŸš€

Hi there, my name is Jan. I’m a software developer with a passion for building (digital) products.

I have 11yrs+ of experience working as a professional software developer in the industry. In another life (11yrs+ ago) I used to be a Mathematician. For more details check out my resume.

πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ hire me I’m happy to talk about work engagements for Q4 2023 and beyond, reach out!

In recent years my focus is on leading by example and making software for product value.

Let’s talk business!

I am also a huge believer in open source. I maintain two design themes for Hugo (namely hugo-bearblog and hugo-product-launch). More coming soon!

#languages Feel free to get in touch in English and/or German.
#social You may connect with me via Email or GitHub.
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For more information about any of my work, get in touch!

Jan Raasch